Jill Demeri WaterColor Cards

Jillian Demeri

Jillian Demeri

If you love the  ocean  you will  enjoy  the way Jillian responds to its beauty in her  watercolors. She’s  able  to  transport  the viewer to it’s many moods.-  from  calm to fury. Or, to  a phenomenon she has pointed out to me; that is: the soft luscious green  that  appears in the underside of  a  breaking  wave. Now I look  for  that in  the ocean and in many of her  works. We  can  count on her  to  delight us with  what  she  sees  and paints.

Jill’s handmade cards are available at the following retailers as well as directly from this site.

My Watercolor Card Of The Day

For its translucence and immediacy, watercolor is my favorite medium in which to paint the wonder and beauty of the day~ the nuances of sea and shore as well as many familiar and favorite landmarks on Cape Ann where I live.

I will be posting, daily, an original watercolor card which will be available to purchase on line, dated and shipped with care. An envelope shall be included if you are still a fan of ‘snail mail’. Otherwise you may wish to frame it for a friend or for your home.

Thank you for your interest,

—Thanks Jill